Out of sight, out of mind? Global chains, export, and credit allocation in bad times

Lun, 19/12/2022 - 12:45 / 13:30

403, Viale Romania

Speaker: Pierluigi Murro , Luiss


We investigate whether globally active firms are more likely to be credit constrained by banks during a financial crisis. Using data on 15,000 businesses from seven European countries, we find that firms with a stable involvement in global value chains were 25% less likely to be rationed by banks during the 2009 financial crisis. This contrasts with the stronger likelihood of credit rationing of firms engaging in plain vanilla export activities. Matching the firm-level information with bank-level data, we obtain that banks insulated global chain participants from the credit crunch, not only accounting for the beneficial effects of global supply chain participation, but also to minimize negative spillovers on their own activities abroad.