Michael Anyanwu Ugochukwu and Irmak Yaka (LUISS)

Mer, 03/22/2017 - 12:00 / 13:30

404a, Viale Romania, 32

Speaker: Michael Anyanwu Ugochukwu and Irmak Yaka , LUISS

  • Speakers:  Michael Anyanwu Ugochukwu (LUISS)
  • Title:  A U-shaped relationship between capital flows and productivity: An empirical investigation
  • Abstract:  The debate on the advantages and disadvantages of capital financial Liberalization is Already old. Some of the Opponents of financial Liberalization Based on the repute capital flows to developing countries hardly two to the high productivity of Their developed partners. Thus creating Doubts That developing countries will benefit from financial development. In this regard, if a country wants to attract capital, It Should first of all INCREASE her productivity. In a recent paper, Matsuyama (2014) show That capital flows can infact have a U shape When productivity is endogenous with respect to credit market institutions. As interesting as this idea is, no paper, to our knowledge has tested Whether there is a U-shaped relationship. This paper AIMS to fll this gap.
  • Speakers:  Irmak Yaka (LUISS)
  • Title:  The effect of foreign ownership on competition: Evidence from the Turkish banking industry
  • Abstract:  Within the Liberalization of the financial markets, foreign direct investment activities have grown very quickly especially in the banking sector. Acquisition by foreigners Has Been linked to introduction of new technology and expansions in products and service range. This suggests That the inflow of foreign capital can alter the competitive structure of an industry. I plan to investigate the quantitative Importance of this phenomenon using data from the Turkish banking industry Which after a process of Liberalization after 1980s saw entry of foreign capitals in Turkish banks. To measure the competition upon INCREASE in foreign ownership, I will use the Panzar and Rosse model That Allows to test for market structure Solely relying on information from the financial statements of the banks.