Francesco Privitera (LUISS)

Mer, 04/05/2017 - 12:00 / 13:30

404a, Viale Romania, 32

Speaker: Francesco Privitera , LUISS

  • Title: Globalization, Trade Losers and Populist Waves: Evidence from Italy
  • Abstract: In the past year, the global political scenario has been decisively upset as a populist and isolationist wave swept to victory in a number of elections. The United Kingdom’s decision to leave the EU and Donald Trump’s victory in the US are likely to have profound effects on the global economy, and the uncertainty over the near future is due in part to the widespread unexpectedness of such events and, in particular, of the strength of anti-globalization feelings in Western society. Empirical literature has recently produced relevant evidence to this end, showing that import competition, in particular from China, has led to increasing political polarization in the US, favouring the Leave vote in the Brexit referendum, and leading to an increase in support for hard-right parties. In the current work I focus on the Italian political landscape, from 1994 until the constitutional referendum of last December, in order to analyse the impact of Chinese import competition, which has increased dramatically over this period. Following the methodology introduced by Autor et al. (2013), I aim to establish the effect of exposure to Chinese competition on the growth of populist movements such as the 5 Star Movement and Lega Nord. I will present the general setting and some early results.