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A Few-Clusters-Robust Test for Weak Instruments - Pork barrel, legislators’ activism and electoral rules: a micro test based on the Italian 2005 reform

25 maggio 2016 ore 12:00 - 13:30

Aula 104, Sede di Viale Romania, 32

Speaker: Siria Angino, Marika Cioffi, LUISS
  • Speaker: Siria Angino (LUISS)
  • Title: A Few-Clusters-Robust Test for Weak Instruments
  • Abstract: In applied research, it is not uncommon to use IV with clustered data. However, robust estimators for the coefficients variance-covariance matrix only work when the number of clusters tends to infinity with respect to the cluster size. Absent this condition, the tests relying on the first stage F-statistic to detect weak instruments often fail to do so. The aim of the paper is to find a suitable weak instrument test for these not uncommon cases.
  • Speaker: Marika Cioffi (LUISS)
  • Title: Pork barrel, legislators’ activism and electoral rules: a micro test based on the Italian 2005 reform (coauthored with Pietro Tommasino, Bank of Italy)
  • Abstract: Using a new dataset which includes the expenditure proposals sponsored by each member of the Italian Senate from 1993 to 2012, as well as other individual and district characteristics, we show that legislators elected with a majoritarian system have a higher propensity to sponsor pork barrel bills and also to engage in legislative activity than those elected with a proportional system. Furthermore, this relationship is more pronounced in areas where civicness is low. The latter result holds even if we control for legislature and district fi xed eff ects. We also propose a simple theoretical model which rationalizes these findings.