Jacopo Bonchi


Current Position

Research Fellow, LUISS Guido Carli, Department Economics and Finance and School of European Political Economy, July 2020-present

Professional Experience

  • Research Fellow, Sapienza Università di Roma, Department of Social and Economic Sciences September 2019-June 2020
  • Research Fellow, Università di Pavia, Department of Economics and Management, November- August 2019
  • Visiting Researcher, Bank of Estonia (Eesti Pank), Research Division, July-October 2018

Further Education

  • Dynare Summer School (main instructors: Michel Julliard and Luca Guerrieri), Banque de France, June 2015
  • Monetary Policy: Theory and Practice (main instructor: Lawrence Christiano), Advanced Studies Program, Kiel Institute for World Economy, December 2015
  • Monetary Economics: Monetary Policy (main instructor: Luigi Paciello), Graduate Program, Einaudi Institute for Economics and Finance (EIEF), February 2016
  • Macroeconomic Theory: Heterogeneous-Agent models (main instructor: Facundo Piguillem), Graduate Program, Einaudi Institute for Economics and Finance (EIEF), February 2016
  • Advanced DSGE Macro-Modelling Course, CIMS Summer School, University of Surrey, August-September 2016
  • A Bayesian Approach to Identification of Structural VAR Models (main instructor: Christiane Baumeister), Lecture Series in Applied Econometric at the Bank of Estonia, Tallinn University of Technology, August 2018
  • Naples Summer School in Economics and Finance 2nd Edition, Macro-Finance (main instructor: Marco Di Maggio), Università Degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, June 2019
  • Solution Methods for Discrete Time Heterogeneous Agent Models and Markov Switching Linear Models (main instructors: Wouter den Haan and Pontus Rendahl), Bank of England, September 2019


  1. Cambiamenti socio-demografici e bolle finanziare nella stagnazione secolare (with Giuseppe Ciccarone) in: Felice Roberto Pizzuti, Rapporto sullo Stato Sociale. Stagnazione Secolare, Produttività, Contrattazione Salariale e Benessere Sociale, Sapienza Università Editrice, 2017.
  2. Secular Stagnation and Rational Bubbles: How Bubbles Postponed the Great Recession,WP No. 182, Department of Economics and Law, Sapienza Università di Roma, 2017.
  1. Asset Price Bubbles with Low Interest Rates: Not All Bubbles are Alike, Eesti Pank Working Papers Series 1/2019, 2019.
  2. Natural Interest Rate and Asset Price Bubbles: How Bubbles Counteract Low Interest Rates, DiSSE Working Papers Series 3/2020, 2020.
  3. How Low Interest Rates Discern the Bubble Nature: Leveraged vs Unleveraged Bubble (with Francesco Lucidi), DiSSE Working Papers Series 12/2020, 2020.
  4. “Declining Natural Interest Rate in the US: the Pension System Matters” (with Giacomo Caracciolo), Bank of Italy Temi di Discussione, No. 1317, 2021.
  5. (Dis)Solving the ZLB Equilibrium Through Income Policies (with Guido Ascari), Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, 54, (2-3): 519-535, 2022.
  6. Asset Price Bubbles and Monetary Policy: Revisiting the Nexus at the Zero Lower Bound, Review of Economic Dynamics, Forthcoming (Online 26/01/2022)
  7. Heterogeneity, Bubbles and Monetary Policy (with Salvatore Nisticò), DiSSE Working Papers Series 05/2022, 2022.

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