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Economics and Business

Course syllabus and timetables will be made available during the selection period.
Selection period: June 2019
Selection method: Web Self-Service

Each student will have to choose the track (Economics, Finance, Management) and then two elective courses.

Before selecting courses, students must pay close attention to:

  • syllabus
  • possible prerequisites
  • course timetables (avoid choosing conflicting lesson times)
  • semester

Once the selection period closes, it will no longer be possible to modify choices.
Courses will only be run if the minimum number of participants is reached. If the minimum is not reached, students will be contacted to make a second choice.
Students that do not select courses by the deadline will be assigned a class schedule that cannot be modified. 

Code Course Professor Program Video
T069 An introduction to programming (python)
  • Rossi Gianluca
AG7 Capital markets
  • Vitale Paolo
AH5 Economic growth and development
  • Del Gatto Massimo
  • Giordani Paolo
T001 Entrepreneurship, innovation and technology
  • Non assegnato
AQ7 History of economic thought and policy
  • Cristiano Carlo
  • Rosselli Annalisa
Program Video
T032 Io & competition theory
  • Gian Luigi Albano
T012 Management
  • Vicentini Francesca
980 Marketing
  • Carmela Donato
Program Video
AQ5 Mathematical finance
  • Biagini Sara
AA8 Money and banking
  • Paesani Paolo
T029 Public economics
  • Brancati Emanuele
  • Meliciani Valentina
Program Video
T081 The world economy since 1870
  • Toniolo Giovanni
Program Video

Courses that will not be activated in academic year 2019-20:

Code Course Professor Program Video
T059 Elementary probability
  • Troiani Alessio
Program Video