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Some results on strategic competition in linear models for spatial distributed natural resources

16 April 2019 at 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Room 105, Campus on Viale Romania 32

Speaker: Giorgio Fabbri, CNRS - Grenoble – France

Abstract: The results I will present come from joint works and work-in-progress with Silvia Faggian (University of Venice) and Giuseppe Freni (University of Naples "Parthenope").

After a review of the literature on strategic competition in theoretical spatial distributed natural resources ("fishes") models, a class of linear models on networks will be discussed and some general ecological questions will be rephrased in this framework. Two specific questions will be addressed then:

(i) when, in a two-country context, can the creation of reserves and the introduction of property rights be effective in terms of reduction of overexploitation of the resource and aggregate welfare?
(ii) where, in a more general context, can be more efficient to build a reserve?