Participate in an ORSEE experiment

We use the ORSEE system to book the laboratory and manage our subjects, who can register via the Participant page (in Italian).

Registration will allow you to partecipate in various experiments carried out in the laboratory, without any obligation and at no cost. Subjects are compensated for their participation.

For further information, please contact Daniela Di Cagno, Arianna Galliera or Francesca Marzo.

Contact Information

Research Office


Anna Elisa D’Agostino
T: 0685225989

Viale Romania, 32
00197 Roma

Project Management

Chiara Sganga

Giovanni Vassallo
T: 0685225740

Licia Gallo
T: 0685225958  

Financial reporting

Roberta Pellicano
T: 0685225440

Research Centers

Alessandra Paoletti