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CESARE for rent

Our lab helps researchers overcome typically high costs of equipment, subject recruitment and physical laboratory space for experiment-based research. Our lab substantially lowers those costs, providing a new and convenient cost-benefit calculus for experimental researchers.

We provide new and great facilities for conducting experiment-based investigations of issues of interest to researchers in the social sciences, including experimental economics, finance, political science, sociology, anthropology and marketing.

We also provide research assistance and, if needed, programming aid, and statistical and econometric analysis of experimental data.

We finally provide administrative support at all levels (including subject recruitment, payment distribution, etc.).

Use of laboratory and Booking System

Experimentalists who want to use the lab should ask permission (which we are normally happy to grant) from Daniela Di Cagno, Arianna Galliera or Francesca Marzo and return a signed copy of this form. We use the ORSEE system for booking the lab and for managing subjects. Bookings must be made through the Administration page. Subjects will register via the Participant page.

Ethical Board

Prof. Massimo Egidi (Luiss), 
Prof. Leonardo Morlino (Luiss), 
Prof. Werner Gueth (Luiss and Max Planck Institute), 
Prof. Glenn Harrison (Georgia State University), 
Prof. Elisabeth Rutstrom (J. Mack Robinson College of Business Georgia State University)

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