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Centro di Economia Sperimentale (CESARE): Overview

CESARE (Laboratorio di economia sperimentale) is a centre for experimental research and a laboratory for carrying out experiment-based investigations of issues of interest to researchers in the social sciences, including experimental economics, finance, political science, sociology, anthropology and marketing. Such experiments typically enable the observation of human subjects taking economic decisions under controlled conditions, and hence the testing of economic theories of economic behavior.


The mission of the Centre is to observe economic behavior and hence to understand better the factors that determine such behavior. Crucial to this mission is conducting experiments with appropriate incentives and under controlled conditions, so that the factors influencing behavior can be identified and their effects can be measured. Experiments will be carried out in the purpose-built laboratory. 


The lab is designed in-house and financed with a very generous contribution from Deloitte. The physical infrastructure of the lab consists of a Control Room, 26 workstations, two big screens and two ceiling-mounted projectors. The Control Room contains two desks, two shelves, a server, a screen and a printer. The workstations are linked through a local network and can run networked experiments, as well as those based on the Internet.

Where is the lab?

The lab is located in Viale Pola 12.

How to partecipate to an experiment?

Participate in an ORSEE experiment

More information

For further information, please contact Daniela Di Cagno, Francesca Marrazzi e Andrey Angelovski.