CESARE - Laboratory for Experimental Economics

Director: Prof. Daniela di Cagno (ddicagno@luiss.it)

Reference center: CESIEG

CESARE is an experimental research laboratory for the study of economic behavior, conducting research based on experiments of interest to researchers in the social sciences, including experimental economics, finance, political science, sociology, anthropology and marketing.

The mission of the laboratory is to observe economic behavior in order to better understand the factors that determine this behavior. Fundamental to this mission is to conduct experiments with appropriate incentives and under controlled conditions, in order to identify the factors that influence behavior and measure their effects. A special infrastructure was built for this purpose, internally designed and financed with the contribution of Deloitte, consisting of a Control Room, 26 workstations, two large screens and two ceiling mounted projectors. In this space, researchers can carry out investigations based on experiments that involve the observation of human subjects who make economic decisions under controlled conditions, and which thus allow the testing of theories of economic behavior.

An ad hoc methodology for carrying out online experiments has recently been developed at the Laboratory.

The Laboratory also offers its collaboration for educational innovation in the microeconomics courses of the university's three-year degrees thanks to the contribution of Dr Buso, Lorè and Spadoni. All the young researchers affiliated with the Center provide support activities to the Summer School with the preparation of classroom experiments.

The Laboratory also offers support and advice for experimental activities to researchers who do not have an adequate infrastructure to carry out experiments.

For information or reports relating to the experiments, please write to laboratoriocesare@luiss.it

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