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Center for Experimental Studies of Internet, Entertainment, and Gambling (CESIEG)


The Center for Experimental Studies of Internet, Entertainment, and Gambling (CESIEG) is a multidisciplinary research community that promotes the use of quantitative methods to study individual and collective decisions, and the economic and social phenomena that they determine. The Center is based in Rome at the Department of Economics and Finance at the University LUISS Guido Carli.

CESIEG aims to contribute to modern quantitative social sciences through both the theoretical analysis of mathematical and statistical methods, and their applications to relevant economic and social policy issues. In the past few decades the use of these methods has allowed social sciences to broaden and deepen their theoretical and empirical scope and showed a number of fruitful applications to real word situations with interesting policy implications. Crucial to this mission is conducting experiments with appropriate incentives and under controlled conditions, so that the factors actually influencing behavior can be identified and their effects measured.

CESIEG actually includes a purpose-built laboratory CESARE in which experiment-based investigations are carried out.

CESIEG also conducts professional consulting, drawing on the academic and business expertise of its members.