Luiss Lab of European Economics (LLEE)

Director: Prof. Stefano Manzocchi (

The LLEE, Luiss Lab of European Economics, develops and promotes research and training activities on European and international economics. The laboratory focuses mainly on European economic structures and dynamics, analyzed both through theoretical and econometric tools, and with methods of comparative description and applied economics.

The Center’s main research areas are: knowledge economy, intangible capital and economic growth; quality of institutions, economic behavior, labor market and growth (with particular regard to Europe, in the light of economic, demographic, and technological transformations); economy and international trade.

The LLEE carries out research activities in collaboration with European and Italian institutions, with research and training institutes in Europe and with private partners from the world of production, finance and commerce. The network of internationally renowned institutions, universities and research centers with which LLEE collaborates occupy a position of excellence in the research areas of interest of LLEE and present a strong geographical, intersectoral and interdisciplinary heterogeneity. Over the years, the LLEE has collaborated on prestigious projects funded both by the European Commission and Italian institutions. In the field of training, the Center relies on the cooperation with Italian and European institutions as well as on partnerships with companies and financial institutions. On this front, the LLEE is engaged in activities mainly aimed at the training of young graduates or those already entered into the world of work, with the aim of providing them with the skills, tools and methodologies necessary to gain access to relevant positions in the market. of national and international work.

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