Center for Experimental Studies of Internet, Entertainment, and Gambling (CESIEG)

Director: Prof. Daniela Di Cagno (

The CESIEG, Center for Experimental Studies of Internet, Entertainment, and Gambling, is a multidisciplinary research community that promotes the use of quantitative methods to study individual and collective decisions, and the economic and social phenomena that they determine.

The Center's research areas are: experimental economics; economic behavior; quantitative methods for economic and financial analysis.

CESIEG makes its contribution to the development of modern quantitative social sciences through the theoretical analysis of statistical and mathematical methods and their application to relevant issues of economic and social policy. CESIEG also carries out professional consultancy activities, making use of the academic and entrepreneurial skills of its members.

Structures established within the Center

Contact Information

Research Office


Anna Elisa D’Agostino
T: 0685225989

Viale Romania, 32
00197 Roma

Project Management

Chiara Sganga

Giovanni Vassallo
T: 0685225740

Licia Gallo
T: 0685225958  

Financial reporting

Roberta Pellicano
T: 0685225440

Research Centers

Alessandra Paoletti