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Pierpaolo Benigno

Pierpaolo Benigno
Full Professor


Nato il 6/12/1971.
Laurea in Economia Politica, Università Commerciale "L. Bocconi", 1995.
Ph. D. in Economics, Princeton University, 2000.

Areas of research: Business models, Corporate Strategy, Creative Industries and Culture, Digital media and participation, Entrepreneurship, Financial Markets, Innovation policy, Innovation, Knowledge Management and R&D, International Organizations, Joint ventures and alliance, Organization, Social Capital & Networks, Technology, Telecommunication

Departments: Dipartimento di Economia e Finanza

Research centers:
CASMEF - Centro Arcelli per gli Studi Monetari e Finanziari


Professore Straordinario di Economia Politica, Dipartimento di Economia e Finanza, Luiss Guido Carli.
Faculty Research Felllow, NBER.
Research Affiliate, CEPR.
2007: Docente, Master of Economics and Finance, Università Federico II di Napoli.
2000- 2007: Assistant Professor of Economics, New York University.
2005-2006: Adjunct Assistant Professor, Columbia University.
2004-2005: Visiting Assistant Professor, Columbia University.
2003-2004: Consulente, European Central Bank, Monetary Strategy Division, 2003-2004.
2003-2004: Visiting Scholar, Federal Reserve Bank of New York.
2002: Research Visitor, European Central Bank.
1999: Docente, Master of Economics and Finance, Università ¡ Federico II di Napoli.
1999-2000: Alfred P. Sloan Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship.
1997-1999: L. Jona Fellowship, Istituto Bancario San Paolo.

Main pubblications (last 10 years)

  • Benigno, Pierpaolo; Nistico', Salvatore (2017). Safe assets, liquidity, and monetary policy. AMERICAN ECONOMIC JOURNAL. MACROECONOMICS, p. 182-227. ISSN 1945-7707.
  • Benigno, Pierpaolo; Faia, Ester (2016). Globalization, Pass-Through, and Inflation Dynamics. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CENTRAL BANKING, p. 263-306. ISSN 1815-4654.
  • Benigno, Pierpaolo (2015). New-Keynesian economics: An AS-AD view. RESEARCH IN ECONOMICS, p. 503-524. ISSN 1090-9443.
  • Pierpaolo Benigno; Luca Ricci; Paolo Surico (2015). Unemployment and Productivity in The Long Run: The Role of Macroeconomic Volatility. THE REVIEW OF ECONOMICS AND STATISTICS, p. 698-709. ISSN 0034-6535.
  • Benigno, Pierpaolo; Romei, Federica (2014). Debt Deleveraging and The Exchange Rate. JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL ECONOMICS, p. 1-16. ISSN 0022-1996.
  • Pierpaolo Benigno; Luigi Paciello (2014). Monetary Policy, Doubts and Asset Prices. JOURNAL OF MONETARY ECONOMICS, p. 85-98. ISSN 0304-3932.
  • P.Benigno; G.Benigno; S. Nisticò (2013). Second-Order Approximation of Dynamic Models with Time-Varying Risk. JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC DYNAMICS & CONTROL, p. 1231-1247. ISSN 0165-1889.
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