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Master's degree pre-program courses


The Department of Business and Management and the Department of Economics and Finance offer intensive pre-program courses to students enrolled in their first year of a master's degree program, offering them the opportunity to acquire specific skills on fundamental topics that will not be covered during the degree program. 

E-learning pre-program courses

All students who have passed the admission test and have a matriculation number may participate in the e-learning courses.

The courses are highly recommended to all first-year students in order to be best prepared to face complex themes in their upcoming degree programs.

This year, the university offers the following e-learning courses:

  • Matematica (in Italian) also available on campus
  • Mathematics (in English) also available on campus
  • Economia (in Italian)
  • Economics (in English)
  • Econometria (in Italian)
  • Econometrics (in English)
  • Matematica Finanziaria (in Italian)
  • Financial Mathematics (in English)
  • Accounting (in English)
  • Corporate Finance (in English)
  • Diritto commerciale (in Italian)
  • Statistica (in Italian)
  • Stata (in Italian)
  • Elementi di Diritto pubblico (in Italian)
  • Elementi di Diritto dell’Unione Europea (in Italian)
  • Elementi di  Relazioni internazionali (in Italian) 

Objectives: these pre-program courses are designed for first-year students and are highly recommended to consolidate general concepts before beginning degree program courses.

How to participate in e-learning courses

E-learning courses may be found on the university's official platform and are available starting on August 28, 2017 using LUISS email credentials (username:

For assistance write to

On-campus courses

LUISS also offers on-campus versions of Mathematics, offered both in English and in Italian. To register, fill out the form between July 17 and September 6, 2017.

On-campus programs and timetables

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