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Big Data & Behavioral Finance Lab 

To earn the 4 credits in the study plan listed under Other Activitiesstudents enrolled in Economy and Finance Master's Degree can sign up for the Big Data and Behavioral Finance Lab.

In choosing a seminar series to fulfill the requirement, students may no longer request credit for other activities in the category, such as internships or soft skills etc.

This laboratory will be held by Prof. Giuseppe Attanasi in English and for a total amount of 24 hours.

The laboratory deals with a statistical/econometric project of big data analysis applied to behavioral finance. The aim of the project is to highlight similarities and differences between subjects' behavior in experimental financial markets (laboratory data) and that of financial operators in international markets (big data).

Specifically, in the project being the subject of the "Big Data & Behavioral Finance" Lab, students will learn how behavioral finance provides explanations for market outcomes that are not in line with rational explanations and market efficiency (e.g., incorrect price evaluation, irrational decision making, and anomalies on financial yields). Richard Thaler, who has recently received the Nobel Prize for Economics (October 2017), has written a long series of scientific articles describing specific market anomalies from a behavioral perspective.

From a methodological point of view, the projects carried out by students will serve as a stimulus to learn the techniques of:

  • analysis of experimental data ("experimetrics");
  • management of large amounts of data (relational databases);
  • predictive and causal analysis in a context of big data.

Didactic methods: Coaching, Team Working, Classroom Experiments.

The requirements for getting the 4 credits (only for students in Economics and Finance) are: attendance of at least 80% of the course meetings (24 over 30 hours); positive evaluation of the final project.

Big Data & Behavioral Finance Lab will have a maximum number of 30 candidates. It will be possible to select it from November 2020, among the "other activities" through the Web Self Service at the page dedicated to the seminars. 

The laboratory Syllabus is available here.

N.B.: the timetable might change.