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Financial Regulation (second semester)

  • Academic year: 2013-2014
  • Professor: Prof. Massimo Roccia
  • Semester: second
  • Period: from February to May
  • Day of the week: Thursday
  • Total number of lectures: 10                  

Students must attend at least 8 seminars to earn the 4 credits in “Other activities”.   

Course content

1st seminar

Financial markets: intermediaries and capital markets                   

2nd seminar

The European Banking Union project

3rd seminar

The European banking industry: comparing models of intermediation                

4th seminar

The investment banking market and its services                        

5th seminar

The banking insurance market and its services

6th seminar

The retail banking market and its services

7th seminar

The main models of banking regulation and supervision and prudential regulation

8th seminar

Prudential regulation of banks: Basil III 

9th seminar

 Internal ratings systems and risk management rules

10th seminar

Financial regulation and banking crises; the case of private debt and sovereign debt

Evaluation method

At the end of the seminar series, students will be asked to do a “take home work”, a take-home exam to be completed in 24 hours at home by each student. The take-home exam will be based on an outline of the course content and will have 5 questions that represent several simple cases.

Bibliographical references

Table of lectures