Midterm exams – A.Y. 2020/2021 – 2nd semester

The midterm exams, where applicable and only
for courses taught in the second semester 20/21 will be held from 23rd
March to 30th March 2021 inclusive, and all teaching activities will
be suspended during the midterm week only for Bachelor courses.

In view of the circumstances, the midterm exams
will be held exclusively online.

Unless otherwise agreed with the professors,
the midterm exams will necessarily be held during the normal schedule of the
lessons and in the usual classroom. It will be necessary to connect using WebEx
Meetings to the assigned rooms, using the links to the rooms on Luiss Learn, in
the same way as for the lessons.

The midterm exams will be held using the Luiss
Learn platform; the professors may request the usage of the Respondus
Lockdown Browser
in order to take the test.

may find the tutorial on how to use the platform on this link: https://www.luiss.edu/students/digital-learning
as well as
the links for the installation of the necessary software. It is advised to
immediately verify the correct installation of the software and the
functionality of the access to the Luiss Learn platform using the Keyless app.

any technical issue during the midterm it is necessary to contact the professor
and the technical team on sosesami@luiss.it
and/or call 06 85222392. For problems with Keyless Authentication you can
consult directly the following link: https://support.keyless.io.