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18° World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates

When the next World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates congregates in Seoul, S Korea next October 11-14, it will welcome Nobel Peace Laureates, past and present Presidents, representatives of international organizations, sciences, experts and public leaders – and Luiss Guido Carli University students.

The event provides an enriching platform for students to participate in workshops, seminars, PeaceLabs and Peace Creative Labs, along with an array of Youth activities.

PeaceLab is a Nobel Peace Laureate platform bringing together youth, academics and experts from around the globe to meet and discuss implementation of programs and projects addressing the challenges in their communities. The cardinal topics concern civil rights along with the economy, technology and sports as instruments for building diplomacy peacefully.

Application deadline for participation is Sunday, August 2 2020.

Participants can also enrol in the competition for the Social Best Prize – An award given to the student who can best affect social change. The $10,000 prize will provide funds to affect positive change, either locally or globally. The prize will be awarded to the best project serving to resolve conflict, social activism, human rights, peace and economy.

Application deadline for participation is Thursday, September 10, 2020.



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