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Other activities - Students enrolled in the II and III year of the Economics and Business degree for 2012/2013

LUISS Guido Carli is glad to offer students a free training program. Students who attend this program can earn the 4 credits listed in their study plan as "Other activities."


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The course is divided into 3 units:

1st Unit- Reading and Effective study Course- 1st semester 2012/2013- total length of 12 hours held in 2 consecutive days

The purpose of this unit is to enable students to read faster, to understand with greater effectiveness and to remember longer. The method is grounded in different techniques which are applicable to any kind of written document, allowing them to extract as much information as possible in the least possible time.

2nd Unit- Logic Course- 2nd semester 2012/20123- total length of 15 hours in 5 classes of 3 hours each 

The objective of this unit is to analyze and develop logic skills such as drawing conclusions, identifying fallacies and assumptions, etc. and to be able to apply them in any context. The course will refer to the Thinking Skills Assessment (TSA) often used by companies in the selection processes


3rd Unit- Public Speaking Course- 2nd semester 2012/2013- total length of 12 hours held in 2 consecutive days

The objective of this unit is to develop effective communication and public presentation skills which are vital in any field of the human endeavor, in particular for those who work in competitive and structured contexts.

Please note that:

  • In order to earn the 4 credits, you must attend at least 8 out of the 9 classes in the program (only one absence is allowed).
  • The selection of participants is done on a first-come, first-served basis. We will accept a maximum of 25 students.
  • The course will only be offered if a minimum of 15 participants register.
  • Activities may take place on Friday and Saturday (all day)
  • No activity will take place during the exam session
  • Once enrolled in the Skillabus Course, students can no longer acquire the 4 credits through other activities. 

Those who have earned the 4 credits listed in the study plan as "Other activities", or have already begun attending second language courses, are excluded.

For further information:

Claudia Giommarini, 06/85225940

Chiara Giammarco, 06/85225917