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Monetary Law and Policy, Financial Regulation, Financial Markets, Finance, Banking


Current Position: Deputy Rector Organization and Faculty, Luiss University.
Professor of Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics, Luiss University, Viale Pola 12, 00198 Roma.
President Elect, Multinational Finance Society
Past Academic and  Related Experiences:
Dean, Economics and Finance, Luiss University, Viale Pola 12, 00198 Roma
Dean, Faculty of Economics, June 2007-September 2011, Luiss University
Research fellow, Ente Einaudi (2002-2007) 
Deputy Rector for International Relations, Luiss University, Viale Pola 12, 00198 Roma. (2003-2005)
Associate Professor of Monetary Economics, Luiss University, Viale Pola 12, 00198 Roma. (2000-2002)
Assistant Professor of Economics, University of Rome La Sapienza (1994-2000)
Advisor, Treasury Department, Ministry of the Treasury of the Italian Republic (1997-2002)
Scientific Director, Research Project on Deposit Insurance, FITD, Rome (2001)
Member of the Technical Secretary of the Economic Policy Evaluation Unit, Ministry of the Treasury of the Italian Republic (1997-2000).
Visiting Professor at Columbia University (Fall 1996, Fall 2003) and at Universitat Pompeu Fabra (1998-1999).
1996 Ph.D. in Economics, Columbia University, NY (M.Phil 1994, M.A.1992)
1989 Laurea in Economia, Università "La Sapienza" di Roma , 110/110 cum laude.
Fellowships and Honours:
CNR, 1999, Ente L. Einaudi, 1993-94, President's Fellow at Columbia
University, 1993-94, "Marco Fanno" sponsored by Mediocredito Centrale, 1991-1993. Luiss Fellow 1989-91.
Services to the Profession:
July 2009 - Editor, Rivista Bancaria - Minerva Bancaria 
July 2011 - Associate Editor, Multinational Finance Journal
2009 - Associate Editor, Studi e Note di Economia 
2008 - Member of The Editorial Committee, Rivista Italiana degli Economsiti 
2003-  Member of the Advisory Board, Rivista di Politica Economica
2006-2007, Editor, Journal of Banking and Finance 
1997-98, Editorial Secretary of the Rivista Italiana degli Economisti.
Referee for several journals including the Economic Journal, The Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, Economics and Politics, The Journal of Banking and Finance, Rivista di Politica Economica, Rivista Italiana degli Economisti.
Member of the Evaluation Committee, Menichella Scholarships, Bank of Italy
Monetary Policy, Financial Regulation, Dynamic Macroeconomic Theory, International Finance, Financial markets and intermediaries.