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Master's degree pre-program courses


The Department of Business and Management and the Department of Economics and Finance offer intensive pre-program courses to students enrolled in their first year of a master's degree program, offering them the opportunity to acquire specific skills on fundamental topics that will not be covered during the degree program. 

This year, the Department of Economics and Finance offers the following courses:

Please note that each pre-program course will be offered only in case a minimum number of applicants.

Class schedule

Master’s degree pre-program courses are scheduled to take place on the Viale Romania campus from August 29 until September 10, 2016. 


Classrooms and timetables will be made available on Hyperplanning in the days leading up to the session. 

How to participate

Registration is free. No official grades will be given for these courses, and attendance is strongly recommended but not mandatory.

Only students who have passed the admission test can apply for the pre-program courses.


Registration is open from July 11 to August 23, 2016.

Students may register for as many courses as they want by filling out the official form.

Students will be informed if a course does not reach the minimum number of required participants.

E-learning courses

Starting in 2016-2017, the University will offer the following e-learning courses to students from all departments:

  • Accounting (in English)
  • Corporate Finance (in English)
  • Matematica Finanziaria or Financial Mathematics (in English)
  • Diritto Commerciale
  • Statistica e STATA

Course timetables

E-learning courses do not have official timetables; students can choose which courses to follow and when, keeping in mind that the courses contain materials considered prerequisites to master’s degree programs.

E-learning access and participation

E-learning courses are offered free of charge. To participate, students must have already passed the admission test and have a matriculation number that gives them access to Moodle, where e-learning modules are uploaded, according to these instuctions.

E-learning courses will be available starting August 29, 2016.

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