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Evangelos Souitaris

Titolare di Insegnamento


After a BSc in Chemical Engineering (Thessaloniki, Greece- 1994), an MBA (Cardiff-1995) and a PhD (Bradford -1998), I have joined Imperial College London (September 1998) as a lecturer in Entrepreneurship. I joined Cass Business School (City University) in January 2004 as a Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. I specialise in the creation, innovation and strategy of new technology ventures. I have researched the phenomenon in various contexts such as academic spinouts, internet ventures and technology ventures in newly industrialised economies. My research is initially driven by interesting and relevant empirical questions. Subsequently, I use relevant theory to answer the questions. 

I am currently the subject-leader for Entrepreneurship at Cass. I am also the Phd Director since 2011. I have transformed the PhD at Cass to a 4-year, training-based programme, which can produce research leaders placed at top schools globally.


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