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Fabiano Schivardi

Fabiano Schivardi


Current position
Full Professor, Luiss University
1998 Stanford University, Ph. D. in Economics
1992 Bocconi University, Laurea in Economics, magna cum laude.
Research Interests
Industrial Organization, Applied Micro, Labor.
Other affiliations
Research Fellow, Einaudi Institute for Economics and Finance (EIEF)
Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR), Research Affiliate
Previous Positions
2006-20012: Full Professor, Universty of Cagliari
2004-2006 Head of the Industrial Organization Unit, Bank of Italy, Research Department
2003-2004 Harvard Economics Department, visiting fellow
1998-2004 Economist, Bank of Italy, Research Department
Recent Selected Publications
"Credit within the firm", with Luigi Guiso and Luigi Pistaferri, Review of Economic Studies, forthcoming.
"Does Idiosyncratic Business Risk Matter for Growth? ", with C. Michelacci, Journal of the European Economic Association, forthcoming.
"Entry Barriers in Italian Retail Trade", with E. Viviano, Economic Journal, Vol. 121, pp. 145-170, 2011.
"What determines entrepreneurial clusters?", with L. Guiso, Journal of the European Economic Association, Vol. 9, Issue 1, pp. 61-86, 2011.
"Skill dispersion and Productivity: an Analysis with Matched Data", with S. Iranzo and E. Tosetti, Journal of Labor Economics¸ Vol. 26, pp. 247-285,
"Strategic Experimentation and Disruptive Technological Change," with M. Schneider, Review of Economic Dynamics, Vol. 11, pp. 386-412, 2008.
"Spillovers in Industrial Districts", with Luigi Guiso, Economic Journal, Vol. 117, pp. 68-93, 2007.
"Insurance within the Firm", with L. Guiso and L. Pistaferri, Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 113, pp. 1054-1087, 2005.
Other professional activities
Co-author of the Report to the Prime Minister for the reform of the firms subsidies system ("Rapporto Giavazzi")
Member of the panel for the research assessment of the Italian University system (GEV), 2011-2012.
Member of the founding group of EIEF
Member of the Panel for Economic Policy, 2010-2012
Member of the Editorial committee of (for my policy articles there, see
• National coordinator for the Italian PRIN grant Labor and Finance, financed by the MIUR for the years 2012-2014
• Coordinator for the regional grant "What generates an entrepreneur?", 2011-2012
• Institute for Exceptional Growth Companies, grant for the project A comparative analysis of firms' post-entry performance: the US and Italy, entailing access to the US firm level data of the Institute (November 2011).
• Local coordinator for the Italian PRIN grant Corporate Ownership, Control and Governance, financed by the MIUR for the years 2007-2009
• Coordinator for the regional grant La valutazione delle politiche scolastiche della Regione Sardegna, 2010-2011
• Participants to the IAREG and EFIGE projects, financed by the EU within the seventh framework
























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